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Wonk for Sale: Guido has previously drawn attention to Stephen Pollard’s lauding of the Big Mac as one of the greatest achievements of mankind. There has been a lot of sniggering about this, particularly his claim that you could get a Big Mac in Delhi, which he now admits was “a howler”. Pollard is more infamous in wonk circles for writing paeans to Big Pharma’s profits which are treasured and reprinted by the industry – the Pfizer Corporation in particular. That he benefits from Pfizer’s largesse whilst writing without declaring his interest has raised many eyebrows. In particular on one occasion the use of an article in The Times as a platform which could be said arguably to favour Pfizer’s profits.

So his latest piece in today’s Times on the Bigger Big Mac has had Westminster wonkland wits musing as to why he has become such a great friend of Ronald McDonald with such a keen interest in Mac matters. Is the amply proportioned Pollard getting a free supply? He says he can’t stand the taste of Big Macs so Guido doesn’t think it can in this instance be said to be self-interest. In fact Pollard is right, as a matter of principle we should be free to munch Big Macs without the Nanny State or Lib Dem health spokesman getting involved. Polly is in truth a principled defender of the big profits of Big Pharma and Big Macs.

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