The Sun Shines on Cameron (Part II)

Contrast the Gordtastic reporting of the recent past with today’s Sun Says :

Too little, Tony

TONY Blair and Gordon Brown are fiddling while Rome burns. Restoring the link between pensions and pay rises is right. But it will make only a minor improvement to a pensioner’s income. And to fund it, we will have to work two or even three years longer before we can retire. That’s seven years after teachers, police and NHS staff retire on their superb public sector pensions.

This is the crux of the problem — but Labour will not tackle it and start a war with the unions.

It’s a battle David Cameron must be ready for if he’s to become PM.

Dropping Blunkett as a columnist, bringing back the Thatcher era iconoclast Kelvin MacKenzie… is Murdoch thinking what Dave’s thinking?

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