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If the first blog cost taxpayers £6,000, how much did the second cost? Hmm, price to change banner picture in the real world, oh 5 minutes of chargeable time, say £15. If the government do it, four figures maybe? Well David, how much?

“Humbling” appears to be the Miliband word of the week. It is “humbling that Al Gore held his first Senate hearing on climate change 26 years ago, in 1980. His article in the latest issue of Vanity Fair, which I read last weekend before I knew that this was to be my new focus, combines the passion and lucidity that marked out his book Earth in the Balance – the best book I have ever read by a politician.” That Miliband admires Al Bore, the inventor of the internet, is somehow just right for the first blogging minister.

“It is particularly humbling to get the chance to help tackle climate change”, yes we get the message, you are humble this week. What people really want to know is will you eat British beef? Farmers have got it in to their head that you don’t eat meat – which is almost treachery as far as they are concerned, so tell us, are you a beef eater or a wimp?

UPDATE : 11.15 Guido asksare you a beef eater or a wimp? 11.52 Miliblogs “I have received an email (in French) quoting Tolstoy to the effect that killing animals is to kill humans. I am sorry to disappoint my correspondent but I do eat meat”. He carefully does not say if he eats red meat, but he is responsive.

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