Reshuffle “Brutal”

Guido’s secret sources (Sky News and BBC News 24), are predicting big moves.

So Guido will be reporting other people’s reporting.

  • Ruth Kelly, Guardian says Alan Johnson will get her job
  • Straw, Sky says Leader of House, he should have got with the program on Iran
  • Charles Clarke, gone would not take another job, backbencher
  • Hazel Blears, irritatingly is promoted to Labour HQ Chief of Spin
  • Prescott stays as DPM, but loses his department say many
  • Hoon, demoted “Minister for Europe”
  • Beckett, Foreign Secretary, Airmiles galore!
  • John Reid, Home Secretary
  • Jacqui Smith, new chief whip, Armstrong is a gonner, no more cackling at PMQs
  • Des Brown, Defence
  • Alastair Darling, Trade
  • No news of Gordon, Today’s Ed Stourton promoted him to PM (credit DFH).

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Quote of the Day

David Mundell tells The Times…

“I expect Christmas to take place.”


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