Local Election Leaflets : Send Mad, Bad, Sad or Funny mdi-fullscreen

Guido doesn’t do local stories, because;

  • nobody knows who the people are
  • it is usually over something trivial and boring to the rest of us
  • it usually involves some petty corruption and often the police
  • those involved always threaten to sue and send long boring emails
  • Guido hasn’t a clue who is lying, but safely assumes they all are
But this week we will make an exception. Please send Guido copies of election leaflets. Preferably via email (scanned or whatever), alternatively fax it (remember it will be black and white). Guido particularly likes the Respect party leaflets with “Trots in Veils”, you know Eileen O’Connor wearing a veil, Mandy Smith with a Hijab etc.

Email : guido.fawkes@Order-Order.com
Fax : 0709 201 2337
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