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As if the revelations from former Labour aide Tricia McDaid about Prezza trying to grope her were not bad enough, according to The Sun, Prezza made crude remarks to an air hostess about her breasts on a flight to Washington:

He is now said to have ogled air stewardess Helga Forde, (not pictured), and made her skin crawl by saying, “Lovely pair!” as she served him fruit.

Prescott, 67, was on his way to Washington from Heathrow with a group of top Labour politicians for a meeting at the White House. But he could not take his eyes off attractive Helga, who was serving passengers food and duty-free products.

Helga said: “It was disgusting the way he was acting… I stopped at Prescott with the duty-free trolley and he looked at some of the products including make-up. He told me a red lipstick would look good on me, which I thought was very unprofessional for a man of his power. I then went back to him with a bowl of fruit. As I asked him if he wanted any he took a pear and replied, ‘Oh, what a lovely pair’ as he looked at my chest with his beady eyes.”

Helga went on: “I worked as an air hostess for several years so I was used to the normal male attention on flights and how to deal with it. But Prescott took it several steps further and made my skin crawl… I have served members of royal families, famous people and politicians but I have never come across someone so brazen as Prescott.”

Prezza is like Sid James in a “Carry On” movie, there is a lot more of this to come. Labourettes have suffered his groping for years.

Labour MP Geraldine Smith says: “It’s as old as Adam – the male employer taking advantage of the young employee. It looks pretty appalling. It is taking advantage of a junior employee and most women MPs will be quite alarmed at that… What someone does in their private life is one thing – it’s between him, his mistresses and his wife. But when it cuts across into the public role, which in this case I think it has, it’s a different matter.”

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