Beeb’s Nick Robinson Denies Cover-Up mdi-fullscreen

Guido is willing to give Nick Robinson the benefit of the doubt when he says “I’m not covering up for Prescott! if he explains what the, errm, hypothetical of course, position is in the event that another Prescott mistress were to be revealed.

  • Firstly, does he know now of any other Prescott mistresses?
  • If so, what is the public interest in witholding her name from the public if she turns out, like Tracey, to be paid out of the public purse? That would be the same taxpayers who pay his wages, with a clear public interest in knowing if their taxes finance hanky-panky on government premises, in government time.
  • If he doesn’t know of any other mistresses and another subsequently comes out of the woodwork, will he feel he has done his best for the British public?
Over to you Nick.


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