ePolitix is Proud to Spin?

ePolitix.com has been shortlisted in the ‘website of the year’ category at this year’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations Excellence Awards – whatever that might be. So it is likely that ePolitix will be voted the spin-merchants favourite website. Paul Adeleke, ePolitix.com’s head of communications, said: “We are delighted to have been included on the shortlist for the CIPR awards… We will continue to focus on working ever closer with our Stakeholders and to strive for editorial excellence.” Why would you want to boast about that?

ePolitix is basically saying they’ll print anything they’re paid to and the spin-merchants club recognises we’re good at reprinting press releases. Guido would be embarrassed, “editorial excellence” implies to Guido some kind of editorial independence and self respect.

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One Tory MP remarked yesterday…

“How many are in four Bakers’ dozens? About 35…”


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