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The Sunday papers are desperately searching for Britain’s Willie Horton and they have over a thousand potential possibilities.

For those who don’t know who Guido is talking about, Willie Horton was a murderer released by Michael Dukakis when he was the leftish governor of Massachusetts, he went on to rob and rape and was used by Dubya’s daddy in TV adverts for his successful campaign for the Presidency. If the press find Britain’s own Willie Horton, Clarke is finished. Bookies are not accepting bets on him going.

UPDATE : Guido mistakenly identified Indrit Krasniqi, as one of the 1,023 criminals allowed to roam free in Britain. He is to be jailed for life for murder and kidnap tomorrow at Reading Crown Court. He is a nasty piece of work, but not Britain’s Willie Horton – as many better informed comment makers pointed out to Guido.
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