Cherie-Antoinette : “Let Them See Hats”

Guido has the perfect solution for Cherie’s problems with the proletarian comrades. Labour activists are inexplicably up in arms that a £7,700 bill from her hairdresser was paid out of party funds largely raised from the political levy on trade unionists on minimum wages. Let them see her hats – it will save on those expensive coiffeur costs.

According to the BBC a Labour spokeswoman rather arrogantly said “So what? …Don’t forget, we won the election.” That is exactly the same arrogance that Tony displays at PMQs whenever he has lost the argument – “let me remind you we have won three elections”. Flying around in jets at the taxpayers expense, charging £7,700 hairdressing bills to party members, invoicing children’s charities $50,000. Is it more Marie-Antoinette or Ceausescu in style? Both came to a happy end at the hands of their oppressed peoples.

How come Margaret Thatcher managed to pay her own hairdressing bills?

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