Fight Crime, Help the Police

The lobby had a bit of fun today with the PMOS – asking if it was the “PM’s belief that citizens who were able to help an investigation should volunteer to do so, rather than waiting to be asked” the PMOS swerved giving an answer. But shouldn’t law abiding Downing Street worker bees volunteer any evidence they have? It is only the right thing to do and who knows, it might stand them in good stead with a sentencing judge.
Slightly off-topic, but does anyone else think the following coincidence might be hard evidence that the Yard’s sleazebusters have a sense of humour? The only conviction (so far) ever made under the 1925 Honours (Prevention of abuses) Act was of Maundy Gregory. Des Smith was arrested on Maundy Thursday, the day when the Queen distributes Maundy Money to deserving old people usually chosen for having done service to their community (that’s cash for the deserving, not honours for rich old donors). Amused Guido.

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