News of the Screws Lose

They have caved in. So bloggers are vindicated, Mahmood made a fool of himself and that is that. Galloway will of course be insufferable.

Guido wonders can gagging injunctions work in a world with millions of citizen publishers? Secrets are difficult to keep when one person can broadcast to the world. Interesting. Pledgebank could be very useful in the future as well.

Samsung Z320i

UPDATE : If you received the Gagging Order you may have a case for claiming costs. Undertaking (1) specifies “If the court later finds that this order has caused loss to the Respondents, and that the Respondents should be compensated for that loss, the Applicant will comply with any order the court may make”. The respondents were Galloway and his sidekick Ron McKay, but arguably if you were given the notice the same may apply to you. Guido didn’t go to the trouble of removing any pictures (oops) so can’t really claim. Recess Monkey charges a monstrous hourly rate and must have spent some time on his removal of the picture. Undertaking (6) specifies “If this Order ceases to have effect the Applicant will immediately take all reasonable steps to inform in writing anyone to whom he has given notice of this Order, or who he has reasonable grounds for supposing may act upon this Order, that it has ceased to have effect”. The Judge directed Mahmood’s solicitors and you can all accordingly expect to receive a grovelling letter.

Anyway if you have any queries you should email Georgina Thompson at Farrer & Co. Tell her Guido sent you. She’ll no doubt be happy to help and sort out your cheques.

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Quote of the Day

Change UK MP Joan Ryan tells Change UK’s South West ‘rally’:

“Can everyone look at their hands please?”

*everyone holds out their hands in front them*

“That’s it, it’s there, the future is in your hands.”


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