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For a time there was some speculation that the lead singer of the TeeBeeGeeBees was going to retire and the backing vocalist would take the lead. But vanity and ego have ensured that won’t be.Despite the backstage back-biting and bitterness, today it will be all smiles as they launch what could be their final re-union tour playing at local venues around the country.

Their old tunes have lost some of their lustre “Things can only get better” seems so dated, “Whiter than white” just doesn’t apply and that old crooner classic “A straight kinda guy” sounds out of tune and insincere nowadays.

Tickets are not going well and rival younger led groups look set to eclipse the duo once called the Lennon and McCartney of politics by U2 lead singer Bono.

Watch the body language at the press conference, will it match the glued on smiles?

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