Silence of the Cameron – Are They All The Same?

According to the pollsters 56% of people think that Blair has given peerages in exchange for loans and donations and 54% thought Downing Street acted improperly in relation to the way Jack Dromey was not informed of them. 53% of people think Tony Blair is sleazy.

Labour are now trying to desperately shift the focus on to the Tories with a “we’re all at it” spin. Which, as Guido has said before, is not a defence, it is an admission of guilt. Guido’s sources tell him that Tory donors have in fact been approached to untick the no publicity box, and some may well do so. Cameron after all can obviously park the blame on the old Tory regime and still be Mr Clean. Perhaps that is why Labour has planted a frankly ridiculous story in the Indy about cash-for-policies accusing Cameron of appointing donors to his policy commissions. Of the four people named two are Tory MPs, and another is a fundraiser for the Tories, so it would be odd if they had not given money. It is not exactly on the scale of Lord Drayson is it?

Cameron needs to cough up some names sharpish or the voters will rightly conclude “they are all at it.” In any event Guido understands that the Scotland Yard sleaze busters have now written to the Tory treasurer Jonathan Marland and a peerage-nominated Tory donor, so it may be out of his hands.

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Quote of the Day

Stephen Bush writing in the New Statesman‘s morning briefing…

“The terrifying truth is that the Opposition is too divided – within the parliamentary party, within the trades unions, within the Shadow Cabinet and even within the leader’s office – to be anything other than a veto player as far as Brexit goes, and the party’s whole gambit is really about trying to make that weakness look like a strength. Keir Starmer saying that Labour is “increasingly likely” to vote down the deal is simply a reflection of the fact that the one thing the Labour party will be able to agree on as far as Brexit goes is that Theresa May’s deal is no good.”


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