Revealing Marland’s Money Mystery

The Tory treasurer Jonathan Marland (pictured) swears that he will not betray the confidences of Tory lenders, a refusal that Labour are desperately trying to capitalise on as the rising tide of sleaze revelations spills over the front doorstep of No. 10.

Margaret Beckett has written to David Cameron to criticise the Tories for keeping secret the names of wealthy individuals and companies, the amounts they loaned – and whether any are foreign. Unless Marland followed Labour and the Liberal Democrats in giving full details, his party’s credibility would be “seriously compromised”, she said.

Let Guido help Ms Beckett by revealing where most of the money came from;

Henry Angest £2 million
Lord Ashcroft, £3.5 million
Robert Edmiston £1+ million
Johan Eliasch £1 million
Michael Hintze £2.5 million
Lord Laidlaw £2 million
Michael Spencer £1+ million

So that is most of the mystery solved. Guido is guessing here, but Marland might himself be good for a million or so – after all he has made a tidy fortune from insurance broking. The majority of the money is easily accounted for by these donors. Guido has spotted a few hedge fund types around at Tory gatherings and would not be at all surprised to discover they have loaned out some of their gains – the stockmarket is after all booming with the FTSE hitting 6000. Now back to Sleazy Levy’s Loans for Lordships…

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Quote of the Day

Stella Creasy at Jewish Labour fringe event…

“I was going to say something about how good it is being a Jew in the Labour party at the moment… but someone told me you guys don’t get irony.”


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