Philanthropist Michael Hintze is “Offshore” Tory Donor

The Times had a rather breathless story about an offshore loan to the Tories this morning. Iain Dale has rather spoilt all the press fun by revealing the donor to be Michael Hintze.

Michael Hintze, 53, is a former Goldman Sachs “quant jockey”, he now trades derivatives through Belgravia-based CQS – sole shareholder Michael Hintze. CQS stands for Convertible & Quantitative Strategies LLP, which last year is rumoured to have made over $100m.

He told Iain “My support for the Conservative Party is something I am immensely proud of and I am pleased to be able to help, both with the declared donations I have made and through the loan from the UK based trading company, Morain UK, of which I am an ultimate beneficiary and which responded to the Party’s need for support by agreeing to a secured loan on commercial terms last year I have supported the Conservative Party because I can and the law allows me to do so. I truly believe this country needs a strong opposition.”

Guido will add another name to the list of known seven-figure donors, Michael Spencer, (pictured with Dave at the Black & White Ball). Guido believes Spencer was good for at least a million – for heavens sake he had Robbie Williams sing at his birthday party!

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