Wonk Watch : Twigg Drops the Bomb

Propeller-Head Wonk Watch: The Foreign Policy Centre has surprised Guido with its latest pamphlet. It makes a fairly convincing case that Britain doesn’t have an independent nuclear deterrent. Guido has long suspected that if the PM tried to launch a Trident missile a little light would flash “ARE YOU SURE?” and when the PM answered yes, another light would flash “PLEASE CALL THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR PERMISSION”. It seems Guido’s suspicions are basically correct.

The conclusion the pamphlet’s author, Dan Plesch, comes to, is that we shouldn’t bother having nukes if we have to ask Uncle Sam for permission to use them. Guido thinks au contraire we should, like the French, have our own smaller nukes and delivery systems independent of the U.S.

Stephen Twigg’s FPC risks no longer being taken seriously if it pursues a “no nukes” agenda. It is simply inconceivable that Britain, under a Labour or Tory government, would renounce the ultimate deterrent in a world where terrorists and rogue states are seeking to arm themselves with such weapons. MAD indeed.

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Lucy Allan explains her positive comments about the Brexit Party…

“If EU elections are held, Leave supporting voters will want to vote for Leave supporting candidates… Usual party loyalties will be eclipsed by the Leave v Remain divide. It’s good to see strong candidates in the Leave camp. However, I sincerely hope we leave the EU before these elections are held so that we can move on and not waste time and money on unnecessary EU elections.”


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