Ming’s Chances in Life

Guido’s friend Dr Crippen put this very bluntly, Ming in all probability will not last five years. That is the cold calculated actuarial estimate. We may allow that he is likely to be able to pull a few strings to ensure that he gets the best treatment available if his cancer condition should come out of “remission”, but the sad fact is, well, he has “a 9/2 chance to be gone in two years or less; 4/6 to stay in charge for more than two but less than four years; 3/1 to rule the roost for more than four but less than six years and 8/1 to stay in charge for more than six years” according to my man at William Hill.
New LibDem frontbench team.

The bookies think that at 5/1 someone who is not even an MP at the moment is more likely than any female MP (at 8/1) to become the next leader – unless Clegg has a sex change of course. This is the LibDems we are talking about, so anything can happen.

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Quote of the Day

David Mundell tells The Times…

“I expect Christmas to take place.”


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