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“Project Gordon” is the name given to the not-so-secret makeover where Labour Blairites and henchmen like Philip Gould and Alastair Campbell fall in behind Gordon to defeat the Tories.

The object, apparently, is to try to make Gordon Brown more appealing to voters as he prepares at last to step into Blair’s shoes. So far “Project Gordon” seems to consist mainly of wardrobe changes, the new Ralph Lauren shirt, trendy pink tie and flying goggles. He started washing his hair more regularly to make it look less greasy and he smiles like a cheshire cat – constantly in a weird fixed way.

Populus have been polling and have found that the plan isn’t working, the trend is negative:Whilst we are here, it seems Labour is now in it’s John Major period – Blair is really the heir to Major in so many ways. Four-fifths of the country think New Labour are just as sleazy as the old Tories were:

It is going to take more than Gordon smiling in a pink tie methinks.

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