Jowell Falsehood #2 (A Series)

Following on from her contradictory statements to Gus O’Donnell and the lending bank, we have another Jowell falsehood. (Jowell Falsehood #1 was that either she obtained money from the bank by signing false statements or she made a false statement to Gus O’Donnell.)

She told Nigel Evans MP that the Old Monk shares “were never owned by my husband”. Well of course, like Guido he always deals in shares through an offshore company, but in this case (unlike Guido) he is the beneficial owner of the aforesaid offshore company. So it was effectively his personal asset.

Nigel Evans is very much making the running on his own on this, Tory high command is not altogether sure it is necessary with the press and Labour backbenchers on the case already, but he is making sure it is not swept under the red carpet. Cameron was recently accosted by an obsequiously grateful Jowell thanking him for not making her situation a frontbench issue. Will she be so lucky at PMQs today?

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