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Saturday night Mr & Mrs Fawkes were in and watching television, the usual 500 channels and nothing to of interest. Flicking through the channels Guido stopped at C4’s Bremner, Bird & Fortune. Political humour methinks, perhaps Guido should see how the masters do it. It was awful, Mrs Fawkes begged for a channel change. To be fair, Bremner’s gags and impersonations are fine, his Blair impersonation is now uncanny. But what is going on with Bird and Fortune? There is no punchline.

They aren’t funny. The same sketch week after week, two old duffers, a civil servant, an interview on set about some semi-topical, cynical hypocrisy is highlighted and a canned laughter track is added. This might have been cutting edge satire in 1968, but the novelty has worn off. Abso-fucking-lutely dire.

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