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Consigliere Mills is making it worse for Tessa. His latest explanation is that the dog ate his homework Tessa signed off on the home-loan to invest the money in another offshore hedge fund, which was closing to investors and he needed the bridging loan from Hambros in a hurry. This has more complications. Half the money invested is hers (that is why she co-signed the loan agreement) but she seems to have forgotten to declare her interest in this fund. Well these things do happen, it is easy to forget signing away the house to put the cash into a hedge fund. You know how it is, check there is milk in the fridge, pay the gas bill, sign away your home into a leveraged speculative investment. Just a normal domestic day at Casa Della Lavanderia.

Elsewhere the Italian magistrates are hinting that the Home Office made it difficult to extradite Mills – by tipping off Don Berlusconi about the request – who then blocked it from Rome. Unless Mills cuts a deal (as he is said to be attempting) he is going to be charged. Can Tessa survive that?

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