EXCLUSIVE : Tory TV Launches Tonight

CCHQ has had this secret project under wraps for weeks – codenamed “THE FLY” as in “The fly on the wall”, tonight sees the first in a series of video-on-demand documentary style presentations. With the advance of broadband Tory media strategists reckon Cameron can reach out direct to party members and further online to politically interested viewers, whilst at the same time “disintermediating the message”. Cutting out the tiresome need for Paxman or Humphrys to give an uninterrupted pitch. Guido understands that the video team will follow Cameron around the country and the weekly videos will make a feature of his straight-to-camera personalised pitch. “It’s what Reagan would have done if he was around today” claimed Guido’s source.

Click play to see the first edition of The Fly from last night’s Built to Last pep-talk and Q&A at Vinopolis.

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