Huhne Flip-Flops

Guido has made no secret of his support for Huhne (well apart from all that raising taxes nonsense), but it is a bit disappointing that he has changed his previously liberal position on drugs.

Before yesterday his published views were:

  • Acid(LSD) users “are well-balanced highly intelligent people”
  • Hash (Cannabis) “relieves symptoms of anxiety, promotes mild euphoria”
  • Opium users’ “sense perceptions of the normal world are converted into sense perceptions of the imagination. Colours, movements and shapes are serenely beautiful, as beautiful as a dream…”
Then when challenged on this by the BBC he said he did not “stand by” such views. Does he still stand by his proposed £21 billion of extra taxes now that the IFS has challenged him? That works out at a suicidal 5p rise in income tax!

UPDATE: Huhne voted for the smoking ban too.

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Quote of the Day

John McDonnell tells the Gallery/Lobby lunch what the priest told him to do…

‘He persuaded me to do this. He said you need to soften your image. So do Mumsnet and do this…. I’m trying to soften my image.’


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