Huhne Flip-Flops

Guido has made no secret of his support for Huhne (well apart from all that raising taxes nonsense), but it is a bit disappointing that he has changed his previously liberal position on drugs.

Before yesterday his published views were:

  • Acid(LSD) users “are well-balanced highly intelligent people”
  • Hash (Cannabis) “relieves symptoms of anxiety, promotes mild euphoria”
  • Opium users’ “sense perceptions of the normal world are converted into sense perceptions of the imagination. Colours, movements and shapes are serenely beautiful, as beautiful as a dream…”
Then when challenged on this by the BBC he said he did not “stand by” such views. Does he still stand by his proposed £21 billion of extra taxes now that the IFS has challenged him? That works out at a suicidal 5p rise in income tax!

UPDATE: Huhne voted for the smoking ban too.

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Quote of the Day

Hamas offer only a qualified endorsement of the Labour Party’s leader…

“We Salute Jeremy Corbyn’s supportive positions to the Palestinians, but the issue of him as a prime minister is an internal British issue and we respect the choice of the British people.”


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