Tory Totty

A CCHQ spinmeister has emailed to complain that Guido is giving entirely the wrong impression about Dave’s new style with-it Tory Black & White Ball. The old bird featured below earlier this morning may not be entirely representative. Guido is happy to draw attention to the fantastic amount of totty that was at the party.Guido’s old friend Peter Stringfellow was, as ever, in attendance, yet his stalwart support for the Conservative party for decades still goes unrecognised. Dave could show how the Tories have really changed by recommending a working-class- boy-made-good for a knighthood instead of some clapped out industrialist widget-maker. The campaign for a Sir Peter Stringfellow continues. Read more about the good reasons why he deserves a knighthood here and here.

The Campaign for a ‘Sir’ Peter Stringfellow has a petition to the Queen for you to sign. Do it, and right this wrong.

UPDATE : By popular request here is the link to the website of the belt-wearing girl pictured above on the right. Guido is not surprised by the extraordinary amount of interest in Catherine McQueen’s political philosophy – she clearly combines brains and beauty.

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Quote of the Day

George Freeman on Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit Position:

“The Leader of the Opposition’s Position is crystal clear – he’s for Leave up north and Remain down south.”


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