Dimbleby Calls Hughes a Liar

Last night Guido was at John Hemming’s soirée for his media allies (some lobby hacks, Private Eye and Recess Monkey) but returned early to the cellar to watch Question Time. Proof that Hemming could organise a piss-up in a proverbial, he picked up the bar tab. Good man.

Guido, full of Guinness, watched Dimbleby toy with the LibDem candidates, dredging up embarrassing quotes from each of them. Hughes denied the bitch-slap quotes attributed to him – where he attacked front-runner Huhne as, amongst other failings, not “in the same league”. Dimbleby protested it was in his manifesto. Hughes again point blank contradicted Dimbleby and denied the quotes. Dimbleby’s producer double-checked and whispered to the presenter via his earpiece that the quote was on Hughes’ website, so Dimbleby finished the programme saying that Hughes should check his website because it was still there.

It has now been deleted from the website.

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Quote of the Day

Boris on Osborne and Project Fear:

Unemployment has fallen by 250,000 to a new low of 4.2 per cent while record numbers of jobs have been created – including no fewer than 8 for the former chancellor and chief architect of project fear who has become a glorious living rebuttal of his own preposterous warnings.”


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