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Guido gets emails from webmongs asking him to implement an RSS feed. Look down the right-hand column and see that the blog already has one. Guido recommends Bloglines as your reader if you don’t use one already. They then complain that it is not a full feed and they have to click to see the whole post. That is the way its going to stay so we can see what people want to read in full.


The blog comments facility has been liberalised and you no longer have to register, however this has resulted in many deranged webmongs posting as the default anonymous. It is boring, readers can’t see which personality is posting and some of the comments threads have three or four different anonymous’ arguing like a schizo. Please use a handle, you are anonymous and don’t worry about IP tracking (the webstats stuff does that even if you post as anonymous).


This blog will, finally, be accepting advertising and sponsorship in the next few weeks. Interested advertisers should email for details. Basically the blog gets ~5000+ readers a day, ~100,000+ per month normally. The demographic is mainly politicians and political anoraks in parliament, the party HQs, think-tanks, pressure groups, public affairs lobbyists and the major media (hello BBC, Guardian, Associated Press, News International – we can see you). The blog gets a lot of loafing City types and lawyers as well as students (particularly from Oxford – why?). My partner in pubcasting is keen to emphasise the possibility of audio messages (subliminal or otherwise).


The blog is about to be revamped (so stop emailing Guido to get rid of the Guardian 2005 Blog of the Year Award logo). Make sure you have bookmarked not any other URL you may use for this blog.
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