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Chris Huhne’s Manifesto launch was sparsely attended, Matthew Tempest from the Guardian was the only lobby hack who could be bothered to find his way to some godforsaken industrial estate in Wembley. Huhne himself was delayed, according to the Standard, because fog prevented Lembit from flying him back from Question Time in Wales.

His manifesto of platitudes contains a CV fib – in it he twice claims to have built “the largest team of private sector economists in the City in just 5 years… He is an experienced leader who built up the largest team of City economists in the private sector”. Err, no he did not.

Huhne was at IBCA for 5 years, which got swallowed up by Fitch, the New York bond ratings agency founded in 1913. They are in fact mainly bean-counters not economists, they are not the biggest team in the City, and in any event all the economists in the City are by definition private sector.

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