The Podcast Is “Unwell”

Guido saw Recess Monkey at the New Statesman New Media thingy last night. He was networking instead of editing our podcast.

Tom Steinberg (MySociety) spoke and was realistic and idealistic, Alan Connor (Beeb’s blog guru) was realistic and cynical. Alan gave some good advice to bloggers and podcasters which will undoubtedly be ignored by bloggers with 7 readers. Jo Twist, the ex-CBeebies presenter, from the IPPR was unrealistic and utopian. If Guido grasped what she was saying, kids playing online video games will form an eDemocracy and they will save the world instead of slaying dragons. She was very taken with online multi-player games as interaction, some tried to gently explain that virtual reality and eDemocracy were no substitute for reality and democracy. Tired of all this starry eyed nonsense, Guido suggested (with the authority of being the 1983 UK Atari Video Games Champion) she was speaking “absolute drivel” . This still did not seem to convince her and she was not amused.

Bumped into Robin Grant again and Nosemonkey (who is not so brave in person) all very chummy despite Guido being un-PC pariah etc. Lots of other dreadful swivel-eyed lefties who, in different clothes, are exactly the same type of bonkers people you see at Tory meetings obssessing about the evils of Brussels. By the end of the night Recess Monkey again demonstrated that he can’t hold his liquor, our podcast is consequently overdue, unedited and “unwell”.

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David Mundell tells The Times: “I expect Christmas to take place”


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