C4’s Most Inspiring Political Figure Award

Guido likes Shami Chakrabarti (crazy name, crazy girl) and Sir Bob Feckin’ Geldof, but click here to vote for Jamie Oliver.
“Look mate, the whole country has had it up to here with the shit you dish out. No wonder your daughter throws up.”*

*This joke has previously caused the pc-blogosphere-inquisition to stop reading Guido’s blog before they stopped reading the blog again after the Oaten jokes.

UPDATE: Pukka geezer winna shocka! Iain Dale is not happy about it, and has also forwarded an email he received – “Your highest referral may be Guido Fawkes, but his latest post about Tony Blair’s daughter is over the top and massively cruel. By the time you see it it may have gone. But if you retain a link – I’m gone, as will many others.” See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!

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David Mundell tells The Times: “I expect Christmas to take place”


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