Blunkett’s New Tax Dodge

The January 31 tax deadline is coming, and so therefore is David Blunkett’s tax bill for his £3million Belgravia grace and favour, benefit-in-kind pad. A pad in which he has lived throughout two resignations and is still occupying today. He will have to declare the rentable value as a benefit in kind. £3m Belgravia pads rent for circa £150,000 to £200,000 per year. That equates to a tax bill for £60,000 to £80,000 a year.

It gets worse, he had a council tax fiddle going that would make even Prescott blush, he claims his Sheffield home is his main residence and therefore somehow got the taxpayer to pick up the tab on his council tax for the Belgravia mansion, which is obviously more expensive than the Sheffield home. What the hell is he still doing living on our backs? He is a lying, fast-tracking, ticket fiddling, scrounging, twice disgraced ex-minister leeching us dry. As a minister he wanted to get people off incapacity benefit if they could work. So Guido feels happy to say, bugger off Blunkett.

I promised to remind Blunkett about this last March, and Guido keeps his promises*
*Always read the small print.

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Quote of the Day

Trevor Kavanagh’s analysis of the Brexit process…

“Thanks to Mrs May and her useless Chancellor Phil Hammond, this will not come without pain. But we escape with imagination and true British grit or we will be boiled alive.

It means on this centenary Remembrance of our struggle against tyranny, we risk ceding non-military victory in Europe to the undemocratic forces of an unaccountable totalitarian regime.”


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