Sky Debate : Another Test for Ming

The men with Orange Books (Clegg and Davey) will be watching tonight’s debate on Sky (7pm) very closely. No one is votin’ for Oaten so the Orange flag is not flying high.

If Ming fails to shine, the fear of a Hughes victory will motivate them to do what looks increasingly necessary. Clegg’s odds have closed in again today from 70/1 to 26/1. Basically this weekend is the last realistic chance the Young Turks have to get Ming to step aside before nominations close Wednesday week.

Guido notes that all of a sudden has gone offline. Now far be it from me to speculate, but why now? It was there yesterday. Clegg is clearly keeping his options open.

UPDATE : Guido is a political anorak, but even for me that was just such a yawn. No gaffes, no low blows. Oaten at least got a little animated and said something distinctive. Ming seemed embalmed, Huhne is like political valium and Hughes played the same old record. “None of the above” looks the best option. See for yourself Sky video.

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