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Paul Linford has provided evidence to back up Guido’s Slaphead Rule, (as if Guido ever requires evidence). His table (below) shows, the only time any slapheads have won general elections since the advent of television has been against other slapheads. Furthermore, every election since Feb 1974 has been won by the candidate with the fullest head of hair.

1945 Attlee* bt Churchill*
1950 Attlee* bt Churchill*
1951 Churchill* bt Attlee*
1955 Eden bt Gaitskell
1959 Macmillan bt Gaitskell
1964 Wilson bt Home*
1966 Wilson bt Heath
1970 Heath bt Wilson
1974 Wilson bt Heath
1974 Wilson bt Heath
1979 Thatcher bt Callaghan
1983 Thatcher bt Foot
1987 Thatcher bt Kinnock*
1992 Major bt Kinnock*
1997 Blair bt Major
2001 Blair bt Hague*
2005 Blair bt Howard

Guido rests his case.

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