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As Thatcherites splutter in indignation over breakfast reading the Torygraph’s reporting of Cameron’s speech outlining his pinko plans for the NHS, perhaps they should reassure themselves by instead pointing their web browsers at the Adam Smith Institute’s webpage and download the Roadmap to Reform: Health report.

Gordon Brown is forever claiming that Adam Smith was not as free-market as people think. Gordon may have a point, since the Adam Smith Institute’s own evidently pinko wonks, Dr Michael Goldsmith and Professor David Gladstone, have come to the same conclusion as Cameron. They reckon funding reforms are politically hard to explain and too easy for opponents to misrepresent as an attack on the NHS. They stress however that government should not hold back in opening up the actual delivery of state-funded healthcare. Or as Cameron phrased it “we want the private sector to come and help improve the NHS for everyone.”

Over at rival think-tank Civitas, David Green is having a major sulk. Rhetorically he asks “What should the think tanks do? As things stand, it’s not worth committing much time and energy to Mr Cameron’s policy reviews.”

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