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At the Royal Academy there was not a trace of champagne, just mulled wine and mince pies galore. The mood was very positive, the 2-to-1 margin was cheered, Basher was magnanimous. Nicholas Boles from Policy Exchange was prancing around like an over-excited galloping giraffe in a tight green top. Which brings me neatly to the new look…

Guido has said it before, but the noticeable thing was that Cameron’s team were young, younger even than the news media people. The Cameron girls were dressed like girls you meet at advertising agencies, PR or news media rather than traditional Tory twin-set and pearls (of which there were still a few about). The boys were dressed like, errr, tie-less, trendy coke dealers. The comparison I would make is to the boom, investment banking went tie-less and casual because their youngest and brightest were leaving for the the more relaxed dress code of the start-ups. Cameron’s crowd look like that and are attractive to bright young things, the pre-change Tories have a tendency to look like old school merchant bankers and repel the electorate who on the whole don’t look like that outside St James’ and Lincoln’s Inn.

Of course everyone at the announcement was always a Cameroonie…

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