I’m A Europhile…

Basher Davis has been outflanked from the right on Europe by Cameron. How could this happen? Davis backing Europhobes justify this with the phrase “DD has a plan”. On they waffle about his carefully constructed plan to exit the EPP after negotiating with the MEPs, so he would do it better than Cameron. No difference in principle, just a difference in practise. Davis, based on his immense experience (of never being in the cabinet), would do it with the agreement of wet Tory MEPs. So what they won’t do today, they would do tomorrow, if Davis asks them nicely. See the glitch?

How has Davis got himself in this wet position? He promises 8p off income tax at the drop of a hat, yet is unable to commit to change the administrative label tags on Quisling Tory MEPs without lengthy negotiations with the lost souls who have gone tragically and federastically Euro-native.

Step forward dripping Damian Green, erstwhile campaigner for Basher. The man who held Basher’s Euro-policy to ransom. In reality if Basher had committed to quit the EPP, Damian Green would scream, get me out of here!

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Quote of the Day

Ken Livingstone deployed a corker on TalkRadio this afternoon…
“I joined the Labour Party 50 years ago this month and in all that time I have never heard a single anti-semitic comment.”


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