Torygraph Troubles

The Torygraph is having some editorial difficulties. Guido awaits the inevitable call to consider the editor’s position. It mirrors the Tory party’s generational split, the aged Barclay brothers are sympathetic to fellow grandfather, David Davis. The younger staff writers are sympathetic to the young father (with another on the way), Cameron.

Stephen Glover in the Indy mentions the troubles the Torygraph has being so in-the-bed with the Conservative Party. Tory leader Michael Howard’s ex-spin doctor, Guy Black, handles corporate affairs for the Telegraph Group, but has taken to interfering in editorial affairs, according to Glover

Mr Black recently issued an instruction to editorial that Daily Telegraph columnists were not to make too much of the attack by Rebekah Wade on her husband. (Mr Black is a close friend of both parties.)

Which is odd, since they are both Labour supporters…

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