Has Paxman Become Predictable and Past It?

Paxman : “Its come to something in this country, hasn’t it, when you believe that people are prepared to put into Downing Street a man who has taken Class A drugs.”

Pretty close to what Guido predicted this morning. Guido is an admirer of Paxman’s style but he seemed to let Cameron off lightly. Is he losing his touch?

Interesting fact for Paxman to consider – Churchill was in Downing Street off his tits not only on a daily intake of whisky, champagne and brandy, but Benzedrine – a form of amphetamine (speed). Propped up by a dose of this stimulant wonder drug he defeated Hitler, who was himself wired on amphetamines. As were RAF pilots and the Luftwaffe. So Cameron will not be the first Tory PM to have done Class As – some of his illustrious predecessors were wired in office – Eden psyched himself up for speeches on speed.

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