Tories Waste £22,500,000 of Taxpayers Money

Hypocritically, given their philosophy of self-help, the Tory party has scrounged £22.5 million off the state in the last five years. In parliament yesterday Harriet Harman, revealed that the Tories received £22.5m of political subsidies in the last five years.

And what did the taxpayer get for it in return? Hot air. Its a political dependency culture, politicians are parasites, always finding ways to subsidise themselves. The £20-a-day snought in the trough subsidy infuriates Guido.

At the next Tory hustings will someone ask the candidates do they support the generous £20-a-day lunch hour subsidy for MPs in the light of the 37p-a-day lunches for schoolchildren highlighted by pukka-geezer Jamie Oliver?

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