SCAB! SCAB! SCAB! Working Class Betrayed

The one thing you don’t do is cross a picket line Arthur Scargill used to remind us. Only scabs cross picket lines. Yesterday the brothers of the T&G organised a picket of parliament in support of Westminster cleaners who are looking for a pay rise from £5.20 an hour. Remember MPs receive a £20 lunch hour allowance – yes MPs voted for the the taxpayers to literally pay them to get their snouts in the trough.

So despite the T&G officially picketing parliament yesterday, left-wing MPs somehow managed to vote down Blair’s 90-day law. Left-wing MPs voting included Diane Abbott, Harry Cohen, Jeremy Corbyn, Glenda Jackson, Chris Mullin, Clare Short and Dennis Skinner. Scabs Out!

Hat-tip : Recess Monkey

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