Willets : Hostage Video Released

Iain Dale, Basher’s chief-of-staff, emails Guido personally to tell me they have just released a video of David Willets. As is traditional in these situations the hostage is supporting the kidnappers demands. The kidnappers are demanding votes and control of the Tory party. Not sure when the video was filmed. See for yourself here. Sadly, no news of the Willets’ kids…

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Quote of the Day

Stephen Bush writing in the New Statesman‘s morning briefing…

“The terrifying truth is that the Opposition is too divided – within the parliamentary party, within the trades unions, within the Shadow Cabinet and even within the leader’s office – to be anything other than a veto player as far as Brexit goes, and the party’s whole gambit is really about trying to make that weakness look like a strength. Keir Starmer saying that Labour is “increasingly likely” to vote down the deal is simply a reflection of the fact that the one thing the Labour party will be able to agree on as far as Brexit goes is that Theresa May’s deal is no good.”


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