Expectations Management

Mrs Fawkes is unimpressed that the laptop is in bed and the TV is on. This email has just come in from Team Davis:

We have just heard from Nottingham, where the recording of tonight’s special Question Time has just finished. The word is that David Davis performed brilliantly, using all of his experience to set out the clear choice the Conservative Party has to make – to either accept the failed policies of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, or to set out a distinctive Conservative alternative to them.

David also explained how he would win back seats in areas outside the Party’s comfort zone by championing the victims of state failure, standing up for the least well off and building an opportunity society in which everyone can achieve their dreams, regardless of where they’ve come from.

Over the coming days, as the leadership contest moves into a crucial stage, David will be doing more to develop these themes – starting with a new initiative tomorrow.

For now, we hope you’ll watch the programme on
BBC1 at 10.35 tonight and that you’ll agree David’s performance demonstrates why he would be such an effective leader of our Party.

Early word is that Davis didn’t screw it up. Which would qualify as a success. He has apparently rehearsed intensely, I hope he appreciated Guido’s advice.

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Quote of the Day

Peter Mandelson tells Emma Barnett…

“I think that Jeremy Corbyn himself should search his conscience and ask himself whether he’s the best person to lead the Labour Party into the general election with the best chance of success for the party.”


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