Bonkers Blunkett Bullshits Badly

Guido was going to dissect Blunkett’s inconsistencies and lies. The problems with the tax dodging trust for the shares he was bunged, a trust that he evidently has control of, which was obviously designed to dodge taxes. Guido was going to do all this as soon as he had put his shirt on Bonkers losing his job again. Now the advisory committee has stuck the knife in Blunkett is a dead man walking, with his only friend being the dog, thanks to those indiscrete, drink-fuelled comments about colleagues to his biographer, Fatty Pollard. Alas, no bookmaker is willing to take my bet.
Blunkett will not survive this, the Tories and LibDems would be wise to take their time and let the government stew slowly. Shakespeare reckoned it was a tangled web we weave when we first do practise to deceive, but Blunket will lie and twist about this like a double helix. Blunkett claims he only worked for DNA Bung-sciences for two weeks. What was the nature of the work? Did he advise them how to get a government contract? What know-how did he have to offer them that was worth £300,000? He was claiming at the time to be campaigning hard in constituency after constituency during the election. How much was he paid? Did he get the shares in lieu of payment? What tax was paid? Was he influence peddling again, as he did at Indepen Consulting?

Its not like he doesn’t have enough tax problems already. Go Growling Grayling…

UPDATE : Bill Norton emails from Basher’s campaign to point out that I have mis-quoted Shakespeare. Bill, wouldn’t your time be better spent speech-coaching your leader for Thursday night?

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Quote of the Day

Boris in The Telegraph on May…

“… it was certainly a serious mistake in 2015 for the Home Office to order a move away from stop and search.”


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