Is it Going to be a Phoney War?

Davis is unlikely to thrill on the hustings, he can’t withdraw again because Fox would probably whinge and it would look like a fix. Cameron is clearly the overwhelming favourite. So why not have a phoney war, keep the Tories in the headlines, discuss ideas, have a gentlemanly clean fight and crown Cameron at the end of it.

The evidence :- the party establishment does not want this drawn out fight, Davis doesn’t look like his heart is in it and his team certainly don’t want to waste their time on a futile campaign. Davis has laid down the law about drugs, the Cameron “I haven’t done drugs since I became an MP” line should bring closure, so its a non-issue and the hustings are to be about policy alone. Basher told Today this morning that he will not be answering any questions about drugs. So its to be a clean fight and a chance to showcase the Tory renewal.

The Davids certainly seem to be developing a chummy double act. This could be boring…

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Michael Gove in the present tense…
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