Open Europe Opens for Business

Maybe today is not a good day media-wise to launch another centre-right think tank? Nevertheless Open Europe launches at Bloomberg’s snazzy European HQ (the auditorium is a cross between a TV studio and a nightclub with disco lights on the floor). The backers include a lot of former supporters of the successful No Campaign. The website is a bit of joke – with jokey (broken) links that don’t work and look sloppy. None of the downloads download and Guido could not subscribe to the bulletin. Get it together chaps…

Open Europe joins the Globalization Institute on the roster of right-of-centre think tanks challenging the EU consensus from a non-bonkers, free market perspective. The Blairite Foreign Policy Centre still seems to have lost its way and now seems to be more of a PR operation / consultancy for foreign interests and the FCO.

UPDATE: Neil O’Brien emails to say the real link is here.

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David Mundell tells The Times: “I expect Christmas to take place”


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