Run Leigh, Run!

The Tory leadership nominations close tomorrow midday. One man has made a lot of noise during the run-up – Edward Leigh of the paleo-Conservative Cornerstone Group. Mocked by many as the Tombstone Group, the Tory Taliban, or just as “headbangers“, they are the sworn enemies of unChristian liberals.

In September they sent out a press release accompanying their group manifesto Reviving Tory Britain where they claimed they were “likely to put up a candidate for the leadership”.

The manifesto followed on from The Strange Desertion of Tory England by Edward Leigh. He is the leading light of the Cornerstone Group and a former correspondence secretary* for Margaret Thatcher, so he knows about real power. Leigh urged “faith, flag and family” upon the Tories, rejecting faggots fainthearts and calling for a Conservative Christian crusade.

Guido has himself had some involvement in mixing politics and religion, so I know where my fellow Catholic is coming from and what motivates him. So could Leigh be the man to continue the job I tried to start in 1605? Could he make England Catholic once again?

Edward, its your duty, your country needs you, your party needs you. God wants you to run! What God did for George Dubya politically, he can do for you too. Don’t endorse Fox, he is a fornicating, faux traditionalist and a fallen Catholic** to boot. You will have the unwavering support of this blog and what is more, it will give me much material. Fear not the fainthearts who try to make you out to be some swivel-eyed loon, your destiny is tomorrow at noon!

*30 years ago, for a year, some time before she became PM.
**Some discussion in the comments here, is Fox a lapsed Catholic or a protestant who went to a Catholic school?

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“I think that Jeremy Corbyn himself should search his conscience and ask himself whether he’s the best person to lead the Labour Party into the general election with the best chance of success for the party.”


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