Blair’s Lickspittle

Tim Allan is widely recognised as a contemptible shit. This from Shagger Hoggart’s column this morning;

Michael White knew how to cope with Tim Allan, once Alastair Campbell’s deputy, and the man who leaked the tape of the Humphrys speech to the Times. Mr Allan had come into our office at Westminster to moan about the Guardian’s insufficiently reverential attitude to Tony Blair once too often. “You can fuck off,” said Mike, thoughtfully. Mr Allen looked hurt. “I didn’t realise you were going to take it so seriously,” he said.

“I am not taking it seriously,” said Mike. “If I were taking it seriously you would have been through that window 10 minutes ago. Now fuck off!” It worked, too, in that he did.

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Quote of the Day

Ken Livingstone deployed a corker on TalkRadio this afternoon…
“I joined the Labour Party 50 years ago this month and in all that time I have never heard a single anti-semitic comment.”


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