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So who is Wat Tyler? Well he led an unsuccessful peasant’s revolt against the established order in 1381. His more contemporary name -sake however is the chief online cheer-leader for David Davis, a job which he undertakes with some gusto – some people have suggested that this blogging Wat Tyler may actually be Iain Dale – David Davis’ media friendly chief-of-staff and the ex-blogging, ex-Tory candidate for North Norfolk (where he managed to reduce the Tory vote by 6% giving a swing to the Lib Dems of 10%).

He is, Guido can reveal, not Iain Dale, he is called Mike Denham, (unless that is a pseu-Denham). Mike was also behind the Burning Our Money blog about “how government spends the money we earn and how we can stop them”. Which, sadly, he seems to have stopped in favour of backing Basher.

Like Guido, the original Wat Tyler suffered at the hands of a king, with his head paraded on a pole, lets hope the Tory leadership poll won’t have as painful an end for this Wat Tyler.

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