Anthony Wells Explains it Simply

So we don’t have to sober up to understand:

Guido, Guido, Guido… you want me to do your work for you? Okay then.

The polls say that people would love Clarke as leader, but that’s mostly because they’ve never heard of the other candidates and because Labour and Lib Dem voters say they like the most left wing chap on offer. The people who like him most though do seem to be the people the Tories need to win back; swing voters and former Tories.

Even though they like him, there is actually rather scant evidence to suggest that they would change their voting intention purely because of Clarke’s leadership.

On his big potential stumbling blocks, there aren’t really any relevant and up to date polls on his ciggy interests or his sudden change on Europe, but there is evidence to suggest that people will view his age as a disadvantage.

Thanks Anthony. Pay attention, yes you, you at the back of the blog.

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Quote of the Day

Penny Mordaunt on leadership…

‘The leadership required at this moment doesn’t reside in a single person, but in all of us.’


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