Basher Davis’ ModernConservatives.Com website has now changed colour to blue. How exciting!

Anthony Wells Goes Corporate

The ever excellent Anthony Wells is now integrated into the YouGov Plc borg. Nice revamp, update your links…

From the Tory website:

The Constitutional College of the Conservative Party has, in a postal ballot, voted for the proposal to change the rules for electing the Party Leader, but by an insufficient majority to effect the change.

Party Chairman, Francis Maude, said, “both MPs and the voluntary party have… decided to stick with the old system. It’s been a worthwhile debate and we’ll now get on with electing a new leader.”

Number in favour of the proposal: 611 (61.0%)
Number against the proposal: 389 (38.9%)
Number of MPs in favour of the proposal: 132 (71.4%)
Number of MPs against the proposal: 53 (28.6%)
Number of volunteers in favour of the proposal: 446 (58.4%)
Number of volunteers against the proposal: 317 (41.5%)
Number of Peers and MEPs in favour of the proposal: 33 (63.5%)
Number of Peers and MEPs against the proposal: 19 (36.5%)

Let Guido do an Anthony Wells style analysis (he uses computers, I’m using whiskey) – 71% of MPs think the activists are too stupid to be given a vote and 58% of the activists agree.

“Four More Years”

Last time I heard that chant it was at Bush’s pre-election Republican Party rally, but careful lip-readers will have noticed Cherie mouthing it on the platform during the applause for Tony. A Neo-con chant is not what I expect from our mantra-mad First Lady. Where’s Carole?

Blunkett and the Young Blonde – No Denial

How does he do it? Theories:-

  • Hung like a donkey?
  • Good in dark bedrooms?
  • Sensual fingers from sliding them along braille means he can tip a girl over the top digitally?
  • Some girls like weirdie beardies?
  • He lies his way into their affections?

More ideas in the comments please.

[Hattersly joins the Blunkett is a liar chorus.]

From the Comments:
Lagwolf said…
“With Blunkett you know he is not leering at other women.”

Chris said…
“they like his dog?”

Toque said…
“Free rail travel.”

“Bollocks to Blair” is Illegal

Horse & Hound has this article in it. Police arrested a 20-year-old girl gamekeeper for wearing a “Bollocks to Blair” T-shirt at a game fair last weekend.

George in Washington

Gorgeous is enjoying his new celebrity status as the darling of the U.S. left and his tour will culminate with his return to Washington for the big anti-War demo today with his new friend, Jane Fonda.

But his previous visit to Washington may come back to haunt him, the American Speccie (not to be confused with our own Sextator) reckons he lied on oath to that Senate Committee. Guido is shocked, not.

Hat tip : Theo Spark

Update: Hanoi Jane was a no show. She made some feeble excuse, but the real reason is thought to be that she has been tipped off about George.

Modern Conservatives Coming Soon…

Nick Herbert’s website is revving up for Basher Davis again. Not a lot going on as yet and the font it uses is “Goudy Old Style” very, errr, modern.

Shock : Politician in Honest Reply Sensation

The Boy Miliband has shocked the whole of Westminster by admitting to a 180 degree U-turn in policy. “We were wrong and it would endanger votes at the next election” he admits. The last bit, although true, Guido made up. Still he is being half honest, which is a 50% improvement on most politicians.

David Canzini CCHQ

David Canzini leaves CCHQ tomorrow (to marry Vanessa apparently). He was responsible for the Tory campaign in marginal seats. An admirer of Machiavelli, he failed to emulate his hero successfully, but he claims to have pioneered the Machiavellian use of those annoying push-polling telephone techniques – “Would you vote Labour if they changed their policy from eating babies to only eating toddlers?” Ah well, smile and dial…

Right-Wingers Hold Nose & Go for Ken

Once More unto the breach is a blogospheric redoubt of Tory refuseniks. Like World War II Jap soldiers marooned on Pacific Islands they don’t know Thatcherism is over. They are the types who argue why the Poll Tax would have worked if only it had been properly implemented…

But when they start advocating a Clarke leadership, because they want to win…

So Guido has a new feature – if you are a Tory right-winger who plans to back Clarke for leader, send a picture of yourself with a peg on your nose. Forget the smell/ideology, feel the power…

Hitchens v Gorgeous

Galloway’s post bout interview had him more full-of-himself than ever. Which is saying a lot. He was a little bit showbizzy and hoped “to take the debate to the West Coast”, Hollywood no doubt. Hangin’ with Ms Fonda has really gone to his head.
Guido recently broke bread with someone who travelled on that Peace Bus that went to Baghdad prior to the liberation of Iraq. George sort of traveled with them, lodging at humble 5 star hotels in the desert en route. She was not complimentary about George. Alas, she swore me to secrecy…

Post-Blair : Civil War to Re-start?

Alan Milburn nicked the phrase “No Turning Back” for his Grauniad article (or more likely a mischevious sub-editor did) from the same place he gets most of his ideas: Thatcherism.

Guido is looking forward to having a front-row seat to watch the re-start of the New Labour / Old Labour civil war, which will surely commence as the post-Blair era dawns. The signs are there, the factions are lining up. Goodie, pass the popcorn!

Incidentally punters, why is Charles Clarke second favourite to succeed Blair? The only way the Fat Controller could block Brown’s entry to No. 10 is by standing in the doorway…

Basher reclaims Thatcherism Blairism

“I stand for a new Tory idealism … I want to achieve the aims that moderate Conservatives have always championed; a strong society based on a free economy, with opportunity for all. … To achieve those aims we need the methods which have been championed by thinkers of the right; decentralisation, less state intervention, competition and choice. … This is an idealism that brings together the various Tory traditions, and gives us the route map to a healthy society.”
Blair could have replaced “Tory” with “New Labour” and given the same speech. Nothing wrong with what he said, but the test is to negate what a speechifier says to discover if its anything more meaningful than hot air. Who wants an unfree economy, without opportunity, centralised with more state intervention, less competition and no choice? No one in power, yet.

Why is the IPPR giving Davis a Platform?

There seems to be a vogue for left-of-centre think tanks giving right-of-centre Tory leadership candidates a platform. IPPR is a Blairite union-backed operation that has a revolving front door for SpAds to go into Whitehall and come out as spin merchants, New Labour MPs or back again as older but wiser wonks. So its strange that they are giving Basher Davis a platform for his Compassionate Conservatism message – either he is calling in a favour or do they want him to win?

David Cameron gave his “tough on terror” speech at the leftish Foreign Policy Centre. Remember the FPC? It was established to promote an ethical foreign policy away from those Chatham House lot. Backed by Robin Cook when he was foreign secretary, it ended up taking dubious money from Russkis and almost collapsed before Stephen Twigg was brought in to resuscitate it. Its success can be judged by the fact that Britain’s ethical foreign policy now includes going to war without a UN mandate in breach of international law on the basis of lies put about by our Prime Minister.

Oona, Oh, Oona. Let it go…

Miriam Stoppard’s niece (yes, Oona King is really) keeps whinging. She is also breaking the law. Only MPs are allowed to describe themselves as above. See Get over it, you lost.

LibDems: How To & How Not To

Guido gets on average 17 press releases a day from LibDems – because I assume a rumour once went round the LDYS that I was a closet LD backer. Well Guido is a libertine but, I’ll be buggered if…

Scottish Charlie K shows how it is done-

Commenting on the news of England’s victory in The Ashes, Charles Kennedy said:

“England’s victory is historic, and I send hearty congratulations to the team. It has been impossible not to get caught up by the excitement and sense of good will in the past few days.”

Commenting on Jeremy Clarkson’s Honorary degree awarded by Oxford Brookes University today, Tom Brake, Lib Dem Transport Spokesman (is that the crappiest name for a transport spokesman possible) shows how not to do it:

“It is a very odd decision to award Jeremy Clarkson an honorary degree. His glamorisation of speed and power, and reckless approach to the environment, may amuse some and frustrate others. But they do not constitute any form of academic achievement.

Guido is no petrol-head but, and I’m guessing here, people interested in transport, cars and that kind of stuff, might like Clarkson?

Fox Not Off, Now Back On

Well done to the Liam Fox staffer who spotted after reading this blog that Dr Fox’s The Atlantic Bridge look-at-me vehicle think-tank website was down because they had not paid for its renewal. But maybe they should have kept it that way, since in the forums much anti-Fox grumbling can be found. (See how long they leave that up…) Did you hear Dr Fox met Dubya when he was in Washington recently – well if you didn’t, you must be the only person he hasn’t told…

Blog reader Robbie Gibbons writes;

Senor Fawkes,

Is it just my childish sense of humour or is Liam Fox’s choice of titles for the pages of his website hilariously funny?

Dr Fox ‘fox’ about – surely he shouldn’t be making a virtue of f*cking about?
Dr Fox ‘fox’ support – not very sensible when he’s going to need it to win the contest
Dr Fox ‘fox’ backers – according to his website he has 8 backers of both sexes. Does he Fox them one by one or engage in some kind of giant Tory cluster-fox?

errrr…on second reading, I think it probably is just my childish sense of humour…

Robbie, who is Guido to say?

UPDATE: Guido learns from Tim Montgomerie’s Conservative Home blog that Fox is organising an Atlantic Bridge trip for new Tory MPs to Washington. Who is laundering their money through the Bridge to pay for it? Which corporate brand’s interest is behind this jolly?

War of the Wonks

Propeller-Head Wonk Watch: Guido hears that it is civil war in Westminster’s wonk land. The Flat Tax idea has flown from the pages of pamphlets, to the front pages of the papers and on to the agenda of the Tories, LibDems and Germany’s Christian Democrats as well as the Greek finance minister’s desk.

Now Guido would expect the wonks at the left-wing IPPR to be against it, Nick Pearce rages against the injustice of completely removing the burden of taxation on millions of low paid workers. Guido is not surprised that the doyen of wonks, bow-tied and famous-for-Westminster Madsen Pirie has a hand in it. His Adam Smith Institute is promoting it with his usual gusto on Newsnight and the comment pages. Reform, the Chris Gent backed think-tank and former nest of newly elected Tory MP Nick Herbert, is also unsurprisingly fighting the fight for simpler and fairer taxes. The Tax Payers Alliance pressure group is obviously going to be manning the barricades for fairer taxes.

But word reaches Guido that the Centre for Policy Studies is going to come out against flatter taxes. Alas, I can only think they’ve been affected by the summer heat. It’s hard to think what else could lead a think-tank founded by Margaret Thatcher and Keith Joseph, in the dark days of seventies socialism, to give succour to the tax-man. Thatcher will be spinning in her whisky.

Perhaps the gossip is true that when the CPS’ Ruth Lea was previously sacked from the IOD, the ASI turned her down for a job… Now a woman scorned…

Book Sale of Blunkett’s Lies

Blunkett is a crap liar. He gets caught out all the time, he lied about his mistresses, he lied about the visa, and he most recently lied about deputising for Blair while he was in Barbados.

Fatty Pollard has the revised paperback edition of his biography of Blunkett out today and the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Lord Stevens’s memoirs, are out as well.

[…] Read the rest


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Angela Rayner on Labour’s economic policy (via Speccie):

“It is a bit of a sh*t-or-bust strategy…”


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